Wednesday, 9 July 2008


I understand
That it must have been hard to ask me to leave,
If that’s what it was,
And easier to tolerate my persuasive company.
There I was pretending hopeless.
Lunch, drinks and then onto dinner, holding on,
And desperate not to let go.
I asked permission to put my arms around you outside,
Against the wind and the rain,
With the lost property gift of a pub Umbrella,
That embrace,
like drops spared from a desert well.
I trod upon hot coals gladly,
Steaming in the summer rain.
Some first impressions of how it feels
To loose the majesty and arrogance
Of youths easy come and go.
Finally, the weight of afternoon alcohol
Pulled away your patience,
And my anger flooded into the space it left behind.
I called you a Tart,
Furious at my stupidity,
Furious at you;
White noise where there should only have been silence,
Perhaps no worse than what you’d thrown at me,
But a sudden, Leaden, thoughtlessly public full stop to a vain,
Desperate Soliloquy,
Pride’less, hopeless, stumbling and short –
A bubble burst of bile,
And unforgivable.
All that remained of my glimmer to you,
In that instant in my feeble hopes,
In that desperate blindness,
Weakness and howl,
Became gorged and ugly,
Immobile, and rich pickings
For the barking beasts that tear me apart.
A remorseful sorrow,
Venting me deep into the river,
And you high above it as the eternal night,
Your phantom bird circling above.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Lascaux Domesticus

I cannot sleep.
I listen to my own music.
Scrutinizing, listening for where
Another mark should be,
Holed up here in this deceptive space,
I call home,
Where I can wrap
Up against the wolves.
Sometimes I think of these past few years,
My self-imposed exile,
Like a kind of jail term.
“Yeah, I’ve been inside for seven years.”
Or perhaps even more ludicrous -
The idea that I might be some outreach ascetic,
About whom nobody knows.
What was it Bukowski said?
‘…There have always been
And always will be, little men in back rooms,
Ask Malcolm X, Kennedy and Christ.’
Well, I’m coming around slowly
To some kind of acceptance of this crazy life.
I’m in favour of the trees you know,
And the invisible.
But in my mind I’m torn by extremes
And unsettled
I’ve begun to joke a little
That I’m a tramp, but I’m serious,
Defending myself with self deprecation
And getting the knife in first.
I cannot go on living like this,
This life I have,
Painting on the upholstery
Where I’ve slipped down behind the sofa.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

And so… If I could really write.

If I could really write,
I whine,
Then I might have lived my life differently,
And that’s an uncomfortable damned equation,
Somewhere – I live in shame,
And suffer, as we do, trying hard
To avoid the pain,
Though mostly, my dumb solutions
Only drive it in deeper, like a Tick
At the end of a cigarette.

It’s all been too easy,
Means nothing,
And sickness
And that,
Were it not that I am some beast,
I would be dead,
Like the runt of some litter.
But when they all go home
To pay their bills behind
Moats and castles,
I crawl back into my cardboard
Shelter and library shelves
Of bookmarked,
Well intentioned,
Half-carved invalid,
To masturbate and hide.

Monday, 14 April 2008

Has anyone seen my axiom?

The problem is, when you don’t write
With your own voice,
We creatures,
Piping the vast cosmos,
Without need of identity, fragmented here,
Each shard in need of a face,
And now fearing its vastness,
Is lost, or so we assume.

But we're lost nonetheless,
Filled with silly questions and flaky


The chance of life…
It’s so freakish, we suppose,
There shouldn’t be a chance of life at all.
But there’s so much space out there,
For lottery winners, that it’s not all that surprising
That something as unexpected
As a question
At all.

And 'us', wearing costumes and such,
Wailing about finding a voice of unique and separate identity,
The irony of which
For some omniscient source…
In all this confusion?
Is best without voice at all.

Sunday, 13 April 2008


Out there from this bow,
I can see that listing ship,
Its lifeboat ropes empty
And all the way down.

Last night you mentioned, sometime,
Of making peace with oneself;
A necessity on this globe without God.
I know that you mentioned that
With a confidence,
And that you were.

But I am, I knew then,
And in need of counteraction,
I can feel what it feels to be out of balance…
It’s as if I’m always looking out,
And without anywhere to land.

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