Wednesday, 28 July 2010


For the child of Bovines,
There is offered from the slowly leaking,
Timeless offering of nurture
A mammalian fluid as a starter in life and for whom,
It seems,
Amongst us higher form of primate
Not enough that we have our own brew
For anything else but its pure intent.
Cheese, so close to home would be a catastrophe,
Though its said, undoubtedly to have to been tried.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Man 0 - Insect 1

I had a motorcycle,
That traveled as loud
As it could reach speeds
Often impossible for the human eye.
But I was stopped,
Suddenly one day,
Not by cops with a camera,
But an idiot fly.


Let me dance now
Profoundly before I die,
So that I can see the lights
Spinning around me,
Splitting the administration
Of white light into patterns,
Fractured by possibility,
Into everything that I'll become,
When this being no longer requires me.

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